Any company can deliver products and services to the homes of its customers, but it takes more to deliver compassion, education, and attentive care to a patient in need of healthcare service, according to Orsini Healthcare’s COO, Michael Fieri. That’s why this home service/pharmaceutical provider has created a service model and mission that focuses as much on patient wellness as it does on customer satisfaction.

Based in Elk Grove Village, Ill., Orsini Healthcare was formed 25 years ago when founder and dedicated registered nurse, Tony Orsini, set out to create a home health organization that could provide patients with personalized clinical service and a greater continuity of care. Over the years, Orsini Healthcare has evolved into a national home care provider offering its unique service model and compassionate message to manufacturers, clinicians, and patients all over the country.

The company provides a variety of care to patients through its dedicated care teams such as disease management, diabetic care, and urological and respiratory therapy services. In addition, it provides medical equipment and supplies for home-health therapies and even coordinates in-home nursing services for those living in the Chicagoland area through a regional network of providers: SourcePoint Network.

Perhaps the most distinct feature of Orsini Healthcare’s services is its 24/7, full-service pharmacy, which provides patients with full spectrum pharmaceuticals from general oral medications to more specialized prescriptions and infusion therapies such as chemotherapy. According to Fieri, it’s that unique ability to provide a full range of comprehensive home and pharmacy services that truly sets this company apart.

“Generally, pharmaceutical companies have one focus,” explained Fieri. “They either specialize in therapies like infusion, or they offer general medications and circulate around a order-entry type of model. We are unique because we provide both sides of the spectrum, and we are interested in far more than making sure the products get from point A to point B.”

Distinct differences

Having the ability to provide patients with all their pharmaceutical needs allows Orsini Healthcare to play a greater role in their ongoing care. Fieri explained: “Our patients can work with one dedicated person who will take care of all of their pharmacy needs. That allows us to form personal relationships and have an in-depth understanding of our patients’ health issues. And we can work with their doctors or managed care organizations to ensure they are getting all the services and prescriptions they need.”

Another unique aspect of the Orsini Healthcare, which demonstrates its commitment to providing continuous care to patients, are its dedicated care teams. Members of each team are trained specifically to deal with a full ranger of issues that fall under a particular disease state or care need. If a patient requires enzyme replacement therapy, for example, that care team will cover all the clinical aspects of that therapy with the patient and provide assistance with payment or reimbursement issues.

That level of customized clinical care gives the company a unique distinction that pharmaceutical manufacturers have come to appreciate and other companies have yet to duplicate. Fieri said that’s because its national competitors are too big to provide that kind of personal service, and most of its smaller companies don’t have the capital to compete with Orsini Healthcare’s service offering.

Having carved out a perfect niche within the market, Orsini Healthcare has experienced substantial growth. Last year its revenues increased by 30%, and i’ts on track to double that figure this year. To complement that growth, the company recently built a 50,000-square-foot facility to enhance its operations, half of which is solely dedicated to its pharmacy services. 

Highlights of the new facility include a multi-media conference center for clinical education, training, and support and two state-of-the-art mixing laboratories dedicated to its home infusion therapies. For it’s oral medications, it has also implemented some semi-automated pill packing machinery to enhance its order-filling operations. Additionally, it’s expanded warehouse space allows the company to keep a large quantity of supplies in stock. “If a customer needs something right away, we can get it out to them today,” Fieri explained.

Compassionate connections

As it continues to expand and enhance its services, Orsini Healthcare is also spreading the word about what it can do for patients. It recently rolled out a new company website that provides a great variety of information regarding the company’s services, mission, and faith-based values. The process of creating the site took about a year, but it was worth the wait and effort, according to Fieri. “It was important that we create a clear message about who we are and what we do for our customers,” he said. “I think we successfully accomplished that.”

Getting the message just right was of great importance to its owner, Tony Orsini, said Fieri. He believes strongly in investing in the company’s spiritual and entrepreneurial culture since it’s a fundamental element of the company’s success. Fieri said the company takes the philosophy of practicing compassion very seriously. In fact, it donates around 10% its profits to charitable organizations every year and encourages employees to volunteer for community causes on a regular basis. “You know the saying practice what you preach? Well, that’s us,” he said.

Although no one can predict what the future holds for Orsini Healthcare, Fieri said he’s confident the company will stay within its market niche and continue to do what it does best: provide personalized home care service to patients. “It may sound clichéd, but its nice to be able to come to work every day and know you’re making a difference in someone’s life. That’s the greatest benefit of working closely and forming connections with patients,” Fieri concluded.

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